We work to provide you with the proper education and tools so you can reach your potential and mitigate injury risk.


How we work.


Active Release Techniques, Sparta Science Body Scans, Functional Medicine + Testing – Personalized Health Plan
Light Therapies- Cold Laser, Light MD + Lucia,
Performance Physio,  Strength + Conditioning,
Brain Coherence + Flow-States

We design corrective strategies and deliver solutions in developed phases that deliver results–new levels of mobility, resilience, optimal wellness and performance.

We will start with a comprehensive assessment and treatment approach that gets to the root cause of dysfunction and pain. We will identify for injury risk, test for capabilities, and assess movement patterns. You will have a clear idea of your weaknesses and strengths and a clear strategy to accomplish your goals.

Our recommended testing will include the Sparta Science Movement Scan. This diagnostic software and forceplate technology provides a personalized plan to safely speed and guide your return to play and sport. Read more about Sparta Science here.


Resiliency and Injury Prevention for All Levels
Kettlebell Training is a complete stand-alone exercise system that combines foundational, full body movements with cardiovascular, metabolic conditioning and strength training into one simple exercise methodology. Because of its simplicity, the workouts can be fully integrated into a busy life without the need to go to the gym. Kettlebell training is time efficient and can be performed almost anywhere.

Strength is a powerful and transformational process. It can deliver a healthier, active lifestyle. Exercises are taught in a very progressive, safe, and enjoyable manner. The emphasis is always on proper technique and form. Improvement is seen quickly. The training is fun and challenging. Working together, we will forge a new level of mental toughness and push beyond your limits to meet any challenge life throws at you!


Strength is a powerful and transformational process. It can deliver a healthier, active lifestyle.