Our Functional Medicine Program can significantly improve chronic pain conditions and enhance the quality of life.

Functional Medicine

Our approach taps into your vast human body and mind potential.


Living at your highest physical potential is an expression of your best life. Working together is a collaborative relationship working closely together to achieving your goals and beyond.

We are now able to serve our clients at the highest level by – by treating the cause of illness instead of the symptoms. 

Functional Medicine uses a systemized approach to identify the underlying root causes while working together in a long term coaching relationship. 

We will examine inefficiencies of your metabolic pathways and the inefficiencies of your genetics and how all of that plays a role in your:

  • Lifestyle factors
  • Day-to-day stresses
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise or lack thereof
  • Relationships

Optimal functioning systems and the your diet play an important role in modulating the physiological and psychological processes that cause chronic pain, chronic diseases and poor health. 

Our Functional Medicine Program can significantly improve chronic pain conditions and enhance the quality of life. This component of our training has been groundbreaking. We are thrilled to offer our clients this comprehensive care.

How it Works

In our work together, we will take the time to review in depth all the possible issues contributing to your current health.

This will include an extensive history and deep look into your life. This includes reviewing your diet, lifestyle patterns, stressors, family history, genetics and environmental exposures.

Your personalized plan will include: nutrition, physical activity/exercise, lifestyle modification, stress reduction, and coaching throughout the journey that includes behavioral and cognitive approaches to a more vibrant you.

We work towards restoring your body’s balance and precision. Using our road map for optimal structure, biomechanics, movement, functional medicine, physical and mental training you can move and feel the way your body was designed to with vast energy, strength and power.

We are absolutely committed to restoring your health. We will use the very best in our experience and skills to deliver the maximum benefit and optimal outcomes for your health and wellbeing.

Thriving -not just surviving- with Functional Medicine. 

Functional Medicine is a holistic approach to recovering from pain and debilitating chronic conditions by addressing the root cause of illness and health promotion through supportive diet, nutrition, movement and lifestyle choices. 

The Functional Medicine model is an individual, personalized and science-based approach that empowers the client. The practitioner and client work closely together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness as well as the prevention of disease. 

The functional medicine program requires a detailed intake and data collection for the understanding of each client’s  genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors. We look closely at your health timeline and triggers. 


  1. Stress – Emotional, Physical, and Mental
  2. Infectious
  3. Toxic – Chemical and nutritional
  4. Autoimmune
  5. Trauma
  6. Congenital abnormalities (genetic disorders)

The body was designed to heal if provided the right nutrients, environment, and removal of the barriers to natural healing. Call us today for a free consult on how functional medicine can help you! 

Read more here on the Functional Medicine model at www.ifm.org


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