Dr. Tammara Moore is a body + mind hacker, human body mechanic, functional medicine practitioner, performance wellness coach, who was formally trained as a physical therapist and specializes in Active Release Techniques®. She is one of the elite team of ART instructors. She has over three decades of experience in the world of sports rehab and performance and is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She holds additional certifications with Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Functional Movement Systems (FMS). Dr. Moore is the former founder of SOL Physical Therapy + Performance. Dr. Moore successfully retired from owning and operating a multi-location physical therapy practice in the SF Bay Area, she now works solely 1-1 to meet the goals of her clients at the highest level.

She puts a great emphasis on continual life long learning and constantly seeks out the best methodologies and techniques to get her clients results. She blends the fields of physical therapy, functional wellness, nutrition, mindset training and strength training to maximize her client results and minimize the rehabilitation time frame. As a previous Division 1 runner and Ironman triathlete, and personally treating thousands of active individuals at all levels of running, she has a passion for helping runners resolve pain, and perform better with optimal resiliency and efficiency.

On a performance level, she works with athletes of all levels and provides support for biomechanical functional testing for training and accelerated recovery from injury. Over the course of her career, she has treated thousands of athletes at all levels of competition. Clients have include Olympians and professionals in football, golf, baseball, soccer, diving, swimming, track and field, UC Berkeley, NCAA Division 1 Men’s, Women’s Athletics, Nike Farm National Running Team, Santa Cruz Derby Girls, Stanford Women’s Swim Team, U.S. Olympic Track and Field, USA Swimming, Ironman World Championship. While not busy helping others move better, you can find her exploring the outdoors –kettlebell training, surfing, ocean swims and trail runs.


Living at your highest physical potential is an expression of your best life. Working together is a collaborative relationship working closely together to achieving your goals and beyond.

When we push our bodies beyond our capacity for loading, or we neglect them and do not move our bodies enough muscles and fascia can get restricted and begin to cause pain.