Running Technology

Get over injuries and run at your best

Running Technology

We offer two types of technology Runeasi and 3D Motion Capture Gait analysis- the gold standard. Do you want to get over injuries and run at your best?

3D Gait Analysis

Our 3D gait analysis and custom exercise programming are traditionally available to elite or professional athletes and is Gold Standard technology. Our system gives live feedback to improve running efficiency.

Our 3D Motion Analysis uses algorithms to unlock each runner’s unique running form.
Did you know that improving running economy by 5% leads to a 3.8% improvement in performance in distance event? A 4-hour marathoner can save 9+ minutes.

We provide individualized training plans using these technologies and evidence for mobility, stability, strength, and power.

By providing live feedback, we can improve the running form for runners at any level.

Get a gait analysis and outrun your personal best. Let us keep you running healthier, stronger and better!

Our 3D running gait analysis system provides a comprehensive analysis of your body mechanics while running and identifies areas that need correction. Form follows function, so improving running form results in efficiency and faster running times with less injury risk. 

Our 3D running gait analysis can play a huge role in injury prevention since it provides valuable information about the transverse plane, which is where most running injuries take place.

Your results will show you specifically your individual movement signature, you body’s mechanics, abnormal patterns and areas of potential overloading- specific joints, neurology, muscles and tendons. 

This information allows us to target your risk of injury from overuse and impact forces. We can retrain your body in real time with feedback and test cues that are effective in improving your running economy and reduce your risk of injury.

With our unique gait lab using Runeasi and 3D gait analysis, we create an individualized program that can significantly improve your running efficiency and speed. This results in stronger performances.

AI Technology

Running Analysis with Runeasi AI Technology

The act of running impacts your muscles, joints and ligaments. The impact when the foot hits the ground is repetitive and ruthless. 

Unlike standard metrics like heart rate, distance, speed and time, Runeasi technology can capture these impacts. Overload, asymmetry and poor movement control causes setbacks, injuries and pain. 

Up to 79% of runners get injured each year. And because everyone moves differently, Runeasi employ AI technology to assess how your way of moving impacts your body. Runeasi can detect how specific exercises and running technique affect your body’s ability to cope with these impacts. Stop guessing, start assessing.

We quantify your running technique based on objective and evidence-based metrics after 10 years of research at KU Leuven.

Scientific-Validated Metrics

What we measure

Impact magnitude
How much impact reaches your center of mass after contact with the ground? Higher impact values increases your total running load over the same time or distance.

Impact duration
How you absorb the impact through your legs after you made contact with the ground? A longer impact duration is linked to a softer and better coordinated landing.


Dynamic instability
How much energy is wasted that is not contributing to forward propulsion due to lower pelvic movement coordination and control. This is linked to running efficiency and injury risk due to extra strain and compensation of stabilizing muscles.

Contextual factors
Cadence and ground contact time are parameters that can be used to optimize running technique.