build a new future



You can try to build a new future built on beliefs and stories of your past, it just won’t work. You’ll merely program yourself to build another past.

You change your history when you inquire into the nature of your stories and emotions. You begin to change your relationship the past. As you change your relationship to the past, and step more fully into Present Moment, you have access to the potential for what’s never felt possible before.

The light can meet you



Your journey with the Light is a journey all your own. The light can meet you, dance with you, invite you to new ground.

In the hypnagogic state of flux between waking and sleep, critical thinking dissolves into a more fluid unrestrained field of tumbling thought and abstract imagery. Personality, place, time cease to exist.




Hypnagogia occurs between alpha and theta brain wave states, the shift between relaxation and reflection, from mindfulness to deep meditation, from calm to dreaming, from the known to the unknown, from limited to limitless. Intuition and vivid imagery come on line. Information beyond conscious awareness is unleashed.

just by thought alone



Humans are unique in their ability to turn on the fight or flight response just by thought alone. When the external environment is experienced as a threat, stress chemicals are produced that tell the body’s genes to express in a negative way. Over time, with recurrent stress thought, the body is forced toward a physiological state of dis-ease.

Within the calm and relaxation under the Lucia Light No°3, new associations and patterning may be fostered in the brain. Thought can change, biochemistry can change, genetic expression can change.

The body can move into coherence. When we are fully engaged with the task at hand – purposeful, focused and at ease – the world opens to us.

Challenges are met with curiosity and enthusiasm. Living becomes as much the reward as the goal, ever-shifting and evolving. We trade in the static operating system we’ve been controlled by for a dynamic collaborative user interface friendly life.

The Lucia N°03 is a consciousness tool that invites us to step out of mental chaos, move away from our pasts, and jump into clean, clear, inspired state of FLOW.

normal state of flux

What Happens

What Happens.

Hypnagogia. between alpha and theta wave states, in the shift between calm relaxation and reflection, from mindfulness to deep meditation and dreaming, hypnagogia is the place where intuition and vivid imagery come on line, and information beyond our conscious awareness is unleashed.

Hypnagogia, is a normal state of flux between waking and sleep where critical thought dissolves into a more fluid unrestrained field of tumbling thought and abstract imagery.

Why it Happens.

Neuropsycholysis. a direct cause and influence on therapeutic, relevant change in consciousness, the opening of an individual portal. It is similar to the classic psycholytic experience, which induces a psychoactive state using light doses of psychedelics at regular intervals along with integrative practices to deepen the impact of the experiences over time. Neuropsycholysis creates an altered state of consciousness using the power of solid and stroboscopic (flickering) light to stimulate the retina.

This optic stimulation ignites complex processing mechanisms that create colors, shapes and patterns in an organic and continual state of change. Adaptive processes take place, largely in the deeper regions of the brain. Associated here is the pineal gland, often referred to as the third eye, considered a gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness…..

Who Happened It.

Dr’s Englebert Winkler and Dirk Proeckl

Psychotherapist Dr Winkler, had been so profoundly affected by the light he witnessed in a near death experience in his childhood, he incorporated bright solid light in his psychotherapy practice on an effort to recreate the extraordinary life altering effects. After a suggestion from good friend and neurologist Dr. Proeckl, the pair decided to blend solid with flickering light and monitor the results. Leaning on the scientific knowledge that the brain does not realize the difference between imagined and real life events in key functional areas, they theorized an external source of light could inspire a deep meditative experience.