Humans are unique in their ability to turn on the fight or flight response just by thought alone.


Lucia light No 3 & Flow-States.


Want to feel superhuman and regain your superpowers?


Tammara’s passion is to help others get more of what they want and less of what they don’t want in their life. Constantly seeking out the best methodologies, her training and experience includes adventures in personal development, leadership, and executive coaching.

With three decades of combined experience and training as a physio doctor, functional medicine practitioner, and strength coach- she brings an integrative approach and acts as a catalyst to help others make powerful and long-lasting shifts.

Lucia Light is a powerful consciousness tool that allows individuals to tap in- to reset, up regulate, to access flow. While using other types of light therapy for two decades in her practice, Tammara’s work with the Lucia N°03 light experience has been an incredible personal gift and a deep dive into consciousness helping others thrive!

Humans are unique in their ability to turn on the fight or flight response just by thought alone. When the external environment is experienced as a threat, stress chemicals are produced that tell the body’s genes to express in a negative way. Over time, with recurrent stress thought, the body is forced toward a physiological state of dis-ease.

Within the calm and relaxation under the Lucia Light No°3, new associations and patterning may be fostered in the brain. Thought can change, biochemistry can change, genetic expression can change.

The body can move into coherence. When we are fully engaged with the task at hand – purposeful, focused and at ease – the world opens to us. Challenges are met with curiosity and enthusiasm. Living becomes as much the reward as the goal, ever-shifting and evolving. We trade in the static operating system we’ve been controlled by for a dynamic collaborative user interface friendly life.

The Lucia N°03 is a consciousness tool that invites us to step out of mental chaos, move away from our pasts, and jump into clean, clear, inspired state of FLOW.

This powerful consciousness tool is a neurostimulator that combines flickering light at different speeds, intensities and frequencies. This combination of light programming creates an array of different colors and shapes that uses low voltage white LED light, creating a very enjoyable experience.

Lucia Light No 3 brain images show that individuals experience a deep state of relaxation and cohesion.

This light stimulation causes increased focus/performance, sense of flow, intense feelings of happiness, and a supercharged brain! It was conceived and developed in Austria by Dr. Engelbert Winkler (psychiatrist/psychologist), Dr. Dirk Proeckl (medical neurologist/psychologist).

The Lucia N°03 is a hypnagogic light machine. This is not a medical device. The Lucia N°03 is a technology for consciousness. It helps clear the mind and allows even beginning meditators to reach a space of peaceful presence. (It is not a replacement for a meditation but can be a door to access deep states and profound relaxation.) The Lucia Light triggers the pineal gland in the brain to produce hormones that can encourage creativity, rebalance circadian rhythms, and produce melatonin.

Not recommended for people who are light sensitive or epileptic.

All reports of the following benefits are anecdotal and are based on reports of countless users.

Reported benefits from users:

Increased clarity and calmness.

Bliss, deep relaxation, discovering a sense of wholeness, compassion and connection.

Improved sleep, concentration and awareness.

The Lucia Light was built to bring you back to yourself. Your inner peace. To recalibrate and rebalance your nervous system.

For a deep dive into transformational work using the Lucia light, come join us and go within!

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